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Produced by Jim Donnelly

I Love My Pet "Blue the Lab"
A series of videos exploring pets and their owners.
More at ilovemypet123.com
How to Walk or Jog in Dartmouth
(Without Getting Killed)
A warning about walking or jogging
on Chase Road in Dartmouth, and roads like it.
I Love My Pet "Jinjo the Cat"
A series of videos exploring pets and their owners.
More at ilovemypet123.com
Hope Takes Flight
Coverage of a "Butterfly Release" fundraiser
for the the Southcoast Visiting Nurses Association
I Love My Pet "Silas & Shelby"
A series of videos exploring pets and their owners.
More at ilovemypet123.com
After School Activities
Short documentary demonstrating community services
offered by The Salvation Army in New Bedford
Hooray for Hollywood!
Promo for opening night fundraiser
for New Bedford Festival Theatre
Mothers, Daughters and Wives
Promo for a Working Waterfront event
at the Zeiterion Theatre
Community Volunteer Fair
Promo for a Volunteer Recruitment event
at the Dartmouth Mall
for the District Attorney's Office

Kelly and Duarte - A Love Story
A Wedding Video
Part 2 | Part 3
Tell Me About You, Joe Jesus
A Personality Profile
of local man-about-town Joe Jesus
Transporting Alcohol - Good To Know
An informational warning about
a quirky Massachusetts law
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More Sample Videos
Local Networking through Facebook
How people in a local community
can help each other through Facebook.

Stevens Home Improvement - What We Offer
Overview of a Fairhaven MA-based contracting company.

Tell Me About You, Phil Paleologos!
Personal inverview with a
popular New Bedford radio personality.

Watercolors by Maria
A 30+-years customer service rep veteran
finds a new hobby and takes it to another level!

Secure Your Faceboook Account
Protect your Facebook account from hackers.

Zeiterion Around Town
Video entry to the New Bedford Zeiterion Theater's contest
for displaying their logo in locations throughout the area.

Breakfast Sandwiches at the Shawmut Diner
Commmercial for the Shawmut Diner.

New Bedford - Welcome to Route 18 Boulevard
Mayor's explanation for major changes to a busy roadway.

Dining to Donate - Dartmouth Lions Fundraiser
Invitation to participate in a fundraising activity.

Women of Dartmouth Calendar 2010
Inverviews with the local ladies who (may have) bared it all!

Cotali Mar Restaurant Opening
New Restaurant opens in New Bedford.

Rhode Island Antiques Mall
Tour of an antiques store in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

Free Parking in New Bedford
Inviation to shop downtown during the holiday season.

10-Minute Tour of Buttonwood Park New Bedford
Tour of a popular local park.

Hot Rods at the Diner
Inverviews with members of Cuz's Car Club,
with a 50's atmosphere.

Festivals, Parades, Local Videos

"Kitchen Door"
Layered Music Video, edited in After Effects

"You Belong With Me"
Simple Music Video shot with Glidecam

world@your.pc - Explanation of "Social Media"

"Keep it on 3"
Vintage Cable TV Customer Education Campaign

Contact Info
Tel: 508-999-1788
eMail: jimdonnelly@comcast.net